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Chicago Marathon

ALS quickly goes from “running in honor of” to “running in memory of,” but people continue to run.

Today at the Chicago Marathon, in a sea full of runners, you would spot a shirt with sunflower and know they, too, know this disease.

There are thousands of charities and thousands of runners, but once your life has been impacted by three letters, they jump out at you and stand out in a sea full of runners as if they are saying, “I know how bad it was, I feel that pain in my heart too.”

The runners know today is hard. It's challenging mentally, physically, and emotionally, but what pushes them across that finish line is understanding the disease they represent in their run is even more challenging.

They raise money for families to breathe easier; they raise money to help a family stay in their home.

True superheroes wear capes for others, and today the Chicago runners are the real MVPs.


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