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To ensure the protection and safety of patients, this business, as well as the Founder & President, Sabrina Johnson, have an NPI. 

Below you will also find the Ethical Stands I adhere to based on the certifications held by the Patient Advocate Certification Board and the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance. 

I must always adhere to the Ethical Standards defined by the Patient Advocate Certification Board.

In regards to protecting confidentiality and privacy- 
"Advocates respect each client’s right to privacy and abide by all relevant laws and regulations as they pertain to the confidentiality of records and personal identifiable information. Advocates shall, at all times, safeguard and protect the confidentiality of all medical records, and the identity of, and communications with, their clients."

As a NEDA Proficient End-of-Life Doula I have agreed to provided the highest ethical standards and have agreed to: 
"protect information received in confience from individuals, families, caregiver, and involved professionals. I have agreed to continue to protect the privacy of individuals and involved parties after death  occurs". 



"Connections will allow you to create surrogate relationships between Providers and Individuals or organizations that work on the Providers' behalf."

Sabrina Johnson as an Individual and Sabrina Johnson Advocate as a business has been authorized to work on behalf of Individual Provider (s) or Healthcare Organizations.

Authorizing connections and surrogates can be processed using either the NPI or EIN based on the contract agreed upon by both parties. 

Patients referred must fill out a medical release to allow for care coordination.

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