My mission is to tell my story and how ALS has impacted my life as a daughter of an ALS Warrior.


My vision is that by doing so, those not in the ALS community will understand the impact the disease has not only on the one diagnosed but the ones left to suffer, as well as allowing those in the community to know they are not alone.


I value the mindset of teamwork and collaboration and believe that the only way we will one day have a cure is through a joint effort of love, power, and passion. 

Meet Sabrina

ALS Advocate, Ambassador, and Mentor

 I am a mother of two from a suburb of Chicago who decided to turn my stubbornness of needing the last word in an argument into an argument with ALS.  I won't back down until we have a cure and even then I will still need the final word to know my job is done!

My dad's passing in 2019 sparked a fire in me for advocacy and fighting for families who also had their lives turned upside by hearing someone say three little letters, A L S.


Sabrina Johnson

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Using My Voice

Speaking to Children about ALS



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