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During May, for ALS Awareness, I am offering The DifferentiALS Trek.

The DifferentiALS Trek was designed for those that feel as if the only map they have in common with other travelers is that they, too, are heading to the ALS Isle. This Trek was constructed for tourists that have a hard time fitting in with people who have never heard of this island, who feel like they cannot see past the fog when they wake up, or those who could use someone to help guide them through the short cuts and high tides.

Patients, families, and caregivers can schedule unlimited 30-minute appointments to discuss all things ALS. While booking their appointment, they will make me aware of what they are looking for: support, resources, or guidance. I know that like why they are communicating with me, how to communicate is just as important. Appointments are offered via E-Mail, Phone, Texting, FaceTime, Zoom, and Google Meets.

I know firsthand how expensive the disease is for a family, and it has been a mission of mine to offer my services to members of the ALS Community free of charge. I rely on financial contributions from organizations and companies like yours to continue with that mission. Through sponsorship or donation, supporting me allows patients, caregivers, and families to receive unlimited support, resources, and guidance.

Below you will find numerous links to answer any questions that come to mind hopefully. Feel free to fill out the form at the bottom of the page or send me an                                     with any additional questions.

Let's make ALS better tomorrow, today!

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I started Sabrina Johnson Advocate LLC in hopes that one day as someone was googling the night that their loved one was diagnosed with ALS that they would come across this website and know they were not alone. Becoming an ALS Advocate, Mentor, and Consultant has sparked a fire in my heart, and I enjoy every step of being able to take my story and use that to help others.

Ton’s voice stopped so that mine could start. I know firsthand the financial strain of ALS has on a family, and it has been a mission of mine to never ask a family for payment for any services I may offer.

I also know that some people’s love language is to give, and I want to offer a safe place for people to donate to Sabrina Johnson Advocate LLC.

Whether you donate monetarily, share my website, or spread awareness about ALS itself, I thank you.

Together, we will live in a world where three little letters will not have such a significant impact on a family one day.

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