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Smiling Through the Rain

How to Stay Strong & Build Resilience When Faced with Adversity


When times get tough, we must dig deep, believe there’s a better tomorrow, and lean on our resilience. This book brings together 10 mental, physical, and spiritual wellness experts to share their tips, stories, and advice for how to smile through the rain.


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The Logical Approach to Love and Healing | Diane E. Makarowski

From Roots to Wings: Insights from Strong Women in my Life on Overcoming Adversity, Seizing Opportunities, and Achieving Possibilities | Elina Kokorotsis


Stand Strong After the Rain | Tammy Adams

 Learning to Smile Through the Rain | Helen Pearman Ziral, PhD

The Third Eye in Resilience | Ginny Connon

All is Well | Tanya D. Butson

A Leap of Faith into the Open Arms of the Infinite Universe, the Vast Unknown | Sarina Selig

Smiling Through the Rain as it Waters the Seeds of Resilience | Revekka Kakoullis

A Birthdate with a Purpose | Sabrina Johnson

Because I Truly Care | Helen Goldberg



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Smiling Through the Rain EBook

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