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What should you do when you come to a fork in the road?

Anytime there is a big life moment, change, or growth in your life, you will come to a fork in the road.

A fork has four points or tines.

Each tine represents an essential part of going from who you were to who you are becoming.


  1. The A1s since Day 1- your ride or dies.

    1. The family and friends that are a part of you. The Besties.

  2. Out of the Woodworks

    1. They find out you are in need, and whether it has been days, months, or years since you've last talked, they are there with open arms to help.

  3. New phone, who this?

    1. Some people cannot handle change. Some people will disappear; it does not matter if it is marriage, a baby, aging parents, or a sprained ankle. All you need to know is that this is a genuine situation; it is them and not you.

  4. Here, for the season, leave without reason.

    1. These are the people that do great with chaos. They are extremely helpful, protective, and there for you- for the season. They are the people that come in and make you feel like everything will be okay, make sure that everything is okay, and right as the dust settles, they are nowhere to be found.

By the end of a big life moment, we are left with a two-ting fork. We are left with people who choose not only to be there but to stay.

The number of tines on the fork is NOT what gives the fork its strength, just like the number of people by your side is not what gives you yours.

A two-tined fork made from steel will outlast a four-tined fork made from plastic.

Too often, we focus our energy on wanting what is missing rather than appreciating the strength in what we have.

When you come to a fork in the road, know that no matter what path you take or where that path leads, your strongest supporters will support you.

Do not fear the fork in the road.

Do not fear when the path shows your fork missing a tine.

The big life moments come into your life to lead you on your path of finding yourself, and that can only happen when you dare to not only watch your fork break but walk away knowing you'll be stronger for it.


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