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The titles, letters, and experience behind the experts of Whole Care Network can cross nations.

Not saying that these titles are not impressive- Occupational therapist, Social Worker, Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician, Physician Assistant, Board Certified Patient Advocate, End-of-Life Doula, Certified Caregiver Consultant, Registered Yoga Teacher, Speech Language Pathologist, Social Worker, Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Gerontologist, Certified Brain Longevity Specialist, Certified Empowerment and Success Coach, Authors, Speakers, Podcast Hosts, CEOs

BUT the most impressive aspect is the knowledge of hands-on experience, personal experience, and real-world connections that make the care different than you have ever experienced in the past.

Joining WCN University is like entering a family that has been in your shoes, sat in your seat, and wants to show you the warmest blanket to use while you watch the movie of life play out.


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