Self-care was a word that used to make me cringe.

For a long time, I would be asked what I was doing for self-care and how I cared for myself to ensure I was allowing myself time for care.

The phrase "self-care" instantly put my brain into a spa, a salon, a day at a resort, a luxurious day away that, as a caregiver or a mom, I could not even fathom.

I learned that I was not alone in this imagery around the phrase and that many of us were never taught different ways to give ourselves care.

Here is how I now like to think of self-care: giving yourself the care it needs -- HOWEVER, WHEREVER, WHENEVER. It is the office-friendly version of 'you do you boo!'

Care for yourself in a way that makes you happy; however, that may be, whenever that may be, and wherever that makes you smile.

My recent self-care treat has been listening to audiobooks. I feel like I can still check things off my to-do list and enjoy something simultaneously. The tasks that used to feel mundane now bring me joy because I am excited about the next chapter or to continue the storyline of the next thriller.

Find something that makes you happy; find your smile; those become your self-care.

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