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Life Moments and the Brown Sweater

Do you have a go-to outfit? You always seem to pick something for a special occasion, the shirt you know fits, looks good, and you do not have to think twice about it.

I never thought twice about what that shirt or outfit was until I started to see what that outfit was for my dad. His brown sweater seemed to be around at the most memorable moments; when I got engaged when Thor was born. A Valentine’s Day with a matching grandson.

As you can recall, Ashton was only two weeks old when Ton passed away, and when he was born, there was no way that he would be able to come to visit us at the hospital to hold his second grandson, but I knew a part of him could, his brown sweater. The brown sweater seemed to make it to all the special moments in my heart, and I did not want Ashton to miss out on that exact moment. The shirt that had been there for so many other life moments was now going to get the chance also to be there to hold Ashton just like it held Thor when he was born, just like it had me to celebrate getting engaged.

The brown sweater is safely tucked away in my closet and ready for another special life moment to wrap around us. He picked the shirt to wear on essential days, and he hugged us with the soft brown sweater, and the shirt will continue to embrace us on important days.


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