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It's okay to lie to your kids- hold on hear me out...

It’s Okay To Lie To Your Kids. Hold on- hear me out.

Ashton started Speech Therapy in February. After school on Thursdays, we go across the street to another school, and after the first session of him clinging to me, terrified as if he had never left my side, I knew I needed to improvise somewhere.

When we were leaving, he asked me about the “white tubes coming out of the ground,” I knew this was the moment I needed to use to help me help him through a whole lot of Thursdays.

I explained to him that these were used to talk to the Ninja Turtles. The pipes go underground and allow you to say hello or leave a message if they are busy helping others.

His believing they lived under the new school made him feel safe and brave inside.

Since then, Thursdays have been fantastic. He makes sure we say hello to the Ninja Turtles before we head in for his session, where he runs in independently each week without any fuss.

Sometimes you need to use the tools you have, and sometimes, those tools include a lie and a Ninja Turtle.


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