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This year prior to #GivingTuesday , I thought I would share with you organizations and companies that I proudly stand behind. By making this post I want to make it clear that an organization or company not on this list is not an outstanding one, or one that should not receive donations.

The organizations and companies I can say I proudly stand behind and ask others to donate to are ones that I personally believe in, philosophically believe in, or see their daily fight towards a better future for the ALS community.

I am not only a patient and family advocate, I too am a community member who lost the man she looked up to the most to this disease and give the same amount of love to others, and he gave to me.

When you are donating to an organization or company, consider their fight, their passion, and the love behind the logo, and think if you were fighting for your Ton, who you would want in your corner.


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