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Get Your Pink Back!

Get Your Pink Back!

You know how you see something online, and it just gut punches you, but in a good way- the eye-opening 'YES I'm not alone' kind of way-- that was this saying.

Lindsey Gurk started this movement, so I recommend looking her up and the #getyourpinkback for what this movement has done for so many women.

But, amid the pandemic, I balled my eyes out on my neighbor's porch, explaining how I was not too fond of the season of life I was living; I felt like I was drowning.

Barely over the loss of Ton, homeschooling my Kindergartener with a toddler in tow, and a mom diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer, I felt like I had nothing left to give to anyone, let alone myself.

Someone asked me- what are your hobbies? What do you do for fun? What do you do for YOU?

The thought of that made me freeze because there was nothing. I felt like nothing.

I gave all my pink. I gave everyone all of me, and I had nothing left and did not know who I was anymore, let alone who I would later become.

Little did I know helping others was what I needed to help myself.

The dark season of life ended because people gave me their pink. I can now show up and give you mine.

Rigid seasons feel like they are never-ending; if you find yourself in a season of life with no color left, please know that one day when you least expect it, you will become pink again.


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