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We often forget that a disease/disorder goes further than the patient. While a patient has a multidisciplinary team to ensure their medical needs are met, the family members are often thrown into an unknown world and left to figure out their new normal on their own.

Unfortunately, younger people are being diagnosed with this, that, or another thing, and we have yet to catch up with our resources regarding the difference in care.

My mission is to ensure that the whole family is advocated for, cared for, and equipt with resources to make sure the transition from the unknown to diagnosis, the journey of the disease, and diagnosis to death, is smooth and comforting for all.

If you or your company want to go from patient-centric to whole-family-centric, I am here to help!

As a patient and family advocate and an end-of-life Doula, I advocate, care for, and educate from pre to post.

Let’s give the patients the best care, by caring for everyone who cares.


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