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I was someone who used to dread reading as a child. I could never wrap my head around the idea that there were people out there who looked forward to cuddling up to a good book or those who could finish a book in one sitting.

But then magic happened. I found books I loved, authors I enjoyed, and I became the person I once questioned.

Last year I asked my brother for an Audible Subscription because I wanted to find a way to care for myself while caring for others.

Audiobooks have become my form of self-care. I can be lost in a story all while being elbows deep in dishes. I can type away for hours as I listen to the love story of high school sweethearts and their ups and downs.

The craziness of life as a mom of two, a daughter with ill parents, an entrepreneur with an autoimmune disease who count the minutes till bedtime goes out the window when you have the excitement of a good story being told to you as you walk through your day.

Give the gift of Audible. Gift yourself hours of love, laughs, or mystery. Give someone you love the gift of getting lost in a story that makes them coming back for more.

Let’s chat books, swap titles, or dive deep into the hidden message of your favorite genre!


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