Breaker Breaker 1-9 Where's My Little Man At?


“Monster Truck Moe and Little T the Tow Truck had a bond like no other, like Sabrina Johnson’s real-life son and father.

Sabrina Johnson lost her father to a sporadic case of ALS. He was not supposed to rust early, but just like his character in the story, the parts that he was born with unfortunately deteriorated. There is nothing that Moe could have done differently to stop the rust or his ALS diagnosis, but what can be done differently is how people react to those who might look a little different than the people we see in our own homes. “

BREAKER BREAKER 1-9 will be available in MAY! While I wrote it, the real magic came from the illustrator. Thor and his first-grade class took my words and made the story come to life.

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