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My hope with CHICAGO CARES is to give patients and families establishments that they feel comfortable leaving their homes to explore. I want them to visualize the entrance, to see how their cane, wheelchair, breathing machine, or new life-saving equipment can move freely through the aisles. 

My wish is for companies to understand why it is frustrating when a display is moved one inch to the left or when a delivery truck takes too long in the accessible parking spot. 

The Chicagoland community is a close-knit community that cares for its neighbors, small businesses, and mom-and-pop shops that have made it through devastating times. I want to bring people establishments to learn about the history of their stores and why generations continue to shop there. I want stories of creation, growth, and each other's strength to be told.

 I want patients, families, and establishments to come together, learn, and grow. 

CHICAGO CARES is a chance to come together, get out of the house, and learn how to maneuver being a patient and, more importantly, being a person. 

CHICAGO CARES is an opportunity for companies, businesses, both large and small, and organizations to show the patients and families in their community that by being a sponsor, they see them, they hear them, and they, too, care. 

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I want patients and families of the Chicagoland communities to enjoy time away from their homes and to feel safe and secure knowing what to expect during their time away. Families can then understand parking, perusing, purchasing, and exploring what a day out would entail. My goal is for pictures, videos, and blog articles of different establishments to allow a complete 360 visualization of how their day would look. 


On the other side of CHICAGO CARES, I hope to bring an understanding of patients' and families' life to establishments around the Chicagoland communities. It is easy to assume that shifting decore an inch to the left would not change accessibility until you are trying to maneuver a wheelchair or use a cane for the first time. 

Does your company need to be based in the Chicagoland area to be a join?

No! (Check out Midway to the left)

Does your company care about people? Patients? Families? Do you have the mission of helping others? 

If so, then let's create a package together and come together to make our missions one. 

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Before having children, I was a teacher at a parochial school in Chicago.

I actually got engaged in my classroom 10 years ago this year!

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